I'm a photographer

I got my first SLR Camera when I was 15 and I've fallen in and out of love with photography over the years, but it's still here. That means something.

Recently I've been studying mushrooms and fungi and that's really given my photography some purpose and focus. I'm working on a feild guide to the mushrooms in the Mole Valley.

Below is few from my local area, including the excellent Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, down the road in Ockley.

A selection of Photographs

the base of a mossy tree
A mossy tree with bluebells at it's feet
a path to the clouds
A path into the clouds
a view of leith hill from ranmore, dorking, surrey
The View of Leith Hill from Ranmore
The underside of a lily leaf
The cells in a lily leaf
a sculpture in the hannah peschar sculpture garden, ockley
A sculpture** in the Hannah Peschar Garden.
some lichen
Dusty Lichen
a view from ranmore
The view from Ranmore
a venerable mushroom
A venerable mushroom
some lichen
some thorns
A close up of some thorns

*Sculpture by Nimrod Messeg https://www.nimrodmesseg.com/

**Sculpture by Unknown Artist - if you know who it is, let me know!