Hi, I'm Austin

I'm a seasoned User Experience expert

That means I make the internet better, one project at a time. You can look at some of my clients and projects on the websites page, if you like.

I also have a few other interests (including a whole career in video art where I played Glastonbury and all sorts), which I will gradually illuminate here, hopefully

This is me, making a website from scratch. Maybe a portfolio. Maybe something bigger. For now, just this.

I've really struggled with the idea of making a website that's the best I can do. Of course that is a fools errand, and vain. I just need to make a website that gets across what I want to get across to the people who find value in it.

It's a challenge I'm trying to overcome. One bit at a time.


The rules I have set myself are simple:

  • Just make something
  • Don't worry about the later bits of the process, they will come
  • Let it breathe. Let it sit.

These are my interests, which I will be building into an interface you can explore:

  • Web design
  • User Experience
  • Photography  (goes hand in hand with mushrooms)
  • Mushrooms (goes hand in hand with photography)
  • Drawing
  • Board games
  • Video art
  • Bushcraft & Hiking

An audience is not required, just yet, but welcome nonetheless.

Here are some of the things I create: