Hi, I'm Austin

I've made websites for a lot of people.

I guess the big names are Electronic Arts, Ocado, and VSO

All were very different, all required different approaches. All taught me a great deal.

I've worked for a few others, too, but I don't want to make a massive list, I don't think.

I guess I just want to showcase some of my work and explain how I solved some of the problems I've solved over the years.

A Few of my clients and employers

VSO (Voluntary Sevice Overseas)

The Voluntary Service Overseas has been sending volunteers to where they're needed most since 1958. Their website had a million visitors a year and a series of overlapping and complex calls to action. In my role I was able to streamline and interweave a lot of those digitial journeys across audiences in our 28 countries of operation.

Electronic arts (EA)

Electronic arts is a giant of the games publishing industry. They needed me to design and create digital assets across the user journey for the EA Store (then called Origin). From adverts to landing pages and product pages, I worked with a team of designers, developers and marketers across 19 territories to produce tight, engaging journeys.


Ocado wanted to consolidate it's visual language across digital devices and so was engaged in a process of creating a User Experience and User interface Guide for it's designers and developers to follow. I was brought in to bring together the existing work, build on it, and produce a standalone website which was itself a guide to Ocados website,

The Hemming Group

The Hemming group have been publishing The Municipal Yearbook since 1890, and in the 1970's they acquired Local Government news and The Municipal Journal. Their brand and content was incredibly strong but they needed someone to help define their digital identity. I designed and built interfaces for these publications, alongside a suite of conference websites.

If you'd like help making your websites better, or to help make sense of your digital offerings, just give me a shout.