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User Experience consultation, Front End Development, Graphic Design and Illustration

My work

I designed several heavyweight Political Journals

The Municipal Journal has been going since 1890, so it was an honour to create the front end of their digital offering, as well as for the Local Government News and Transport Network titles, published by The Hemming Group.

Local Government News

The Municipal Journal

Surveyor Events

I designed e-commerce interfaces for Electronic Arts

Electronic Art's Online Shop, Origin, needed new page layouts, digital marketing campaigns realised and help creating their digital strategy. My biggest success was increasing sales of DLC for the Battlefield titles by 30%

EA - Promotional Pages

EA - Product Pages

EA - Landing Pages

I have run my own business since 2009

I have worked with a range of small businesses and individuals, face to face, working through the creative process behind creating a true digital representation of their business.

As well as being able to produce designs for a wide variety of clients, running a business helped develop a sense of ownership and leadership in the design work I undertake... These projects gave me a broader appreciation for the day to day running of any business.


Education - Jelly Tree Workshops


Ecommerce - Best BB Guns

portfolio website

Portfolio Design - Sharon Drew

There's some other stuff I do

Like mixing video, live at events, and teaching teenagers how to do likewise.

Other interests include cycling, getting out into the countryside and visual arts of all kinds.

But let's not get too side-tracked

I am primarily a user-experience designer and creative thinker

I'm also a master of HTML and CSS. My Javascript could use some work, but I enjoy working with skilled JS specialists to learn more. Here are some visual representations:










Javascript / Jquery



I hope this has been of some interest to you

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